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The Theory Of The TRIFORCE

Is the Triforce really in Zelda 64? Well, right here, I have some evidence that it might be true.

Is the Triforce in there somewhere?

Here is the one theory the sounds the most promising.

This was told by Kenneth M. Burton of The Odyssey Of Hyrule

His cousin is one of the vice-presidents of Nintendo Of America. She said,

to obtain the Triforce, first you must have all 100 skulltulas. You don't need to have all

the Heart pieces though. You need yo have beaten the game already. Ok, now, go around and

blast every single gossip stone into space by placing a bomb next to it. After this, go to Link's house and

play the Song Of Time anywhere in it. Then go to Lon-Lon Ranch, stand infront of Malon, and play the Song Of Time

yet again. Now, go to the windmill in Kakariko village, and yes, play the Song Of Time. OK, now return to Link's house, and

guess who's there, Dark Link. He won't talk to you until you play Saria's song. After a short conversation, he will teach you

the key to getting the Triforce. The Song Of The Sages. Remember it, it won't appear on the quest status screen. This song

is the only way to warp you to the Sacred Realm. Now, return to the Temple Of Time. As you will see, there is now a

platform infront of the 3 spiritual stones. Stand on top of it, and play the Song Of The Sages. It will take you to the Sacred

Realm. When you get there, you will see the Sages traped in a large cage. They were put there by, no doubt, Ganon. They

will combine their magic, and make another Rainbow Bridge down to a door. They tell you that the only way you can set

them free, save hyrule, and obtain the entire Triforce is to defeat Ganon again. When you enter the door, you will see the

Triforce on top of a pedastel. As you walk near it, it will then be covered by a green sphere. Then, Ganon will fall through the

ceiling and the battle will begin. Ganon will suck away all of you're weapons and shields. You will have to defeat him with the

Kokiri Sword. Once he is defeated( which will probably take a few tries!), the sphere around the Triforce will vanish.

Hyrule is returned to normal, the Sages are rescued, and Zelda becomes ruler of Hyrule. Oh, and I forgot to tell you, you get

Triforce. Oh, and Yes, it does appear on the quest status screen. Well, I haven't tried it yet, but I'm getting there. I'm working

on the Skulltulas. If I get any more info, I will surely add it to my page.


This picture does not go with the theory. I put it on here to show that it might be possible to get the Triforce in the game.