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The Legend Of Zelda (Nes) Cheats


Fast Save

To exit and save your game quickly,
press Start on Controller 1 and Up+
Start on controller 2. 


Save without Dying

If you want to save and do not want to take the the
time to die right, here is how you do it.  Bring up
the sub-screen by pressing start on controller 1.  
Now take controller 2 and press A and any direction
on the controller pad and the save screen will appear.
Please note: the retry selection will not be available.


Second Quest

To start a game at the second quest(after you've beaten
it once), enter your name in as "ZELDA".  (All Caps)


The Case Of The Missing Door

When you first enter Level 1 in the first quest, automatically
leave and re-enter.  The locked door will now be vanished!  



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