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The Legend Of Zelda: The Adventure Of Link (Nes) Cheats


Easy Experiance

Start a new game and play until you've reached the first temple.
  After beating it and placing the jewl in the status, you'll be 
given 9,000 experiance points.  As they're counting up, PAUSE the
game and press UP+A simultaneously.  Choose Save, then choose your
character and re-load your game.  Watch those points soar!!!


Game Genie Codes

GXNAESON                    Infinite Magic
     SZKGKXVK                  Link has infinite lives
      PASKPLLA                     Link starts w/1 life
    TASKPLLA                  Link starts w/6 lives
    PASKPLLE                  Link starts w/9 lives 
                 EZXTGYYY  Do extra damage


            AZVOLIAL   Mega jump


Pass Through Doors

To pass through locked doors without a key, simply
turn yourself into a fairy(with the fairy spell)
and float through the door.                      



To play a harder game enter "Zelda" as the password.


Sword Skills

To discover the art of the upward attack, go to Darunia and
 use the jump spell to leap up to the house with a chimney.  
Drop down this and go right to find a knowledgeable warrior.
  The downward attack is found in Mido.  Use the jump spell tp reach
the open door at the top of the church, and go through to find a teacher.


The Final Guardian

When fighting your shadow, move to the left side of the screen
and press B repeatedly.  Your shadow may hit you once or twice,
but you should land many more strikes during that time.       



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