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The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past (Snes) Cheats

Fill Magic to 1/2

If you need some magic but only have a little left,
go to the blacksmith shop, hammer down the stake and
drop into the hole.  While down there, go up to the door
way above you, and there should be a green thing holding
a pot.                                             
With the little magic you have, sprinkle some magic 
you have, sprinkle magic dust on it and a weird creature
will emerge.  He says that he will reduce yourmagic to
1/2, but if you have less than that he will fill it up to 1/2.


Game Genie Codes

AEEC-A586     Shops don't take your money
AE67-OD3O                  Infinate bombs
AE6E-DF2A         Nearly unlimited energy
AE8A-D4FA          Nearly unlimited magic


Get The 4th Sword

In the Dark World, when you are on your way to get the 7th
crystal, up in the cave you must go through to get there, 
there is a little guy who says he lost his partner, and he
will reward you if you can help him find him.  Well, his 
partner is the sword mender in the light world.  So, lead 
the little guy to his partner, and give them your sword.  
They will mend it for free for you.                       


Get the 4th Magic Jar

Beside the desert in the Light World, there is a man who 
sits by a sign and he says to leave him alone.  When you 
are nearing the end of the game in the Dark World, in the
 village in one of the demolished houses, there will be a 
chest.  You can't open it, so bring it to that guy in the
Light World who wants to be left alone.  He turns out to 
be a theif and he will pick the lock for you, and inside
 the chest is the last Magic Jar.                         


Get The Magic Powder

In the Light World, when you are in the Dark Forest, you
 will see a rotted mushroom, you are allowed to put it in 
your item stash.  It doesn't do anything, but take it   
and go to the witch who is brewing something beside the
 potion shop.  Give the mushroom to her and she will say 
that she will give you something in return.  So, go in 
the shop, and beside the little guy sitting there, is a
 bag of Magic Powder.                                   


Items From The Fat Fairy

Near the end of the game, in the Dark World, you will see
 in the pyramid that there is a crack on it for a bomb to blow
 up.  An ordinary bomb won't do the job, but a super bomb will.
  Go to the guy near the village, he's selling bombs(In you're former
house).  He will have a big green bomb to sell you, buy it,
 but be careful, it's so big, you have to drag it to the pyramid.


When you get to the pyramid, release the bomb in front of the crack.
  It will blow a hole in the wall.  Enter to meet the fat fairy who 
    will tell you to throw items into the pond.  The only items you can 
              throw in are your Master Sword, your arrows, and an empty Magic Jar.         
               It will give you the Golden Sword, the Silver Arrows, and will                
fill the jars with magic potion.                               


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