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The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Gb) Cheats

Alternate Music

To change the background music, start a new game as ZELDA,all Caps.


Coconuts for Riches

Go to the tree with the monkey in level 1.  When he throws them, hit
them with your sword.  Items like rupees,guardian acorns, a piece of
 power, and nothing in them will ever harm you in any way.           



To fly, you must have the Boomerang and the Rooster.  Throw the 
Boomerang and pick up the rooster.  Then the boomerang will hover
below you.  You cannot get attacked by normal enimies, but you 
 can attack them!!!                                               


How To Make A Missle

To build a missle, place the arrows in one hand and bombs in the
 other.  To fire, press A+B stimultaneously.                     


Link's Awakening DX

Unlimited Money

Play the crane game and grab the two rupees by placin the crane's
shadow on the upper left hand of the conveyer belt.  Wait until the
 item you want is about halfway between the upper and lower right hand
corners.  You can go back and repeat the process.  It's a lot better
 than stealing.                                                    


Well all of the rest of the codes are basically the same!



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