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The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time (N64) Cheats

Magic Arrows

Fire Arrow: After completing the Water Temple, stand
on top of the stone platform on the island in the  
middle of the, now water filled lake.  While on the
  platform, fire an arrow into the sun.  The Fire arrow
   will fall onto the small island.  Swim over to get it.
    Ice Arrow: Go into the Gerudo Training Ground, complete
     the entire course and gather all of the keys.  Enter the
   treasure box room and work you're self around the left
 until you get there.                                
Light Arrow: After completing all of the dungeons, 
go to the Temple Of Time, and Zelda will give you 
the Light Arrow for agreeing to help her take down 


Free Fairy

Go up to one of the gossip stones and play "Zelda's
 Lullaby.  A Red Fairy will fly out of it and you can
catch it.                                         


Gold Skulltula Rewards

 10= Adults Wallet.  Lets you carry up to 200 rupees.
20= Stone Of Agony. Makes your rumble Pak rumble  
when you are near a secret.                        
   30= Giant's Wallet.  Lets you carry up to 500 rupees.
40= Bombachu                                     
50= Heart Container Piece                        
100= Gold Rupee. (200 rupees)                    


Repair Signs

          When you let your anger and frustration out by slashing up 
         a sign, you can repair your damage.  If you stand in front
               of it and play "Zelda's Lullaby", it will magically be repaired.


Sinking Lure

To get the sinking lure, go fishing at Lake Hylia at
night, walk near the stream is with the two rocks. 
Keep walking around there and eventually find it.  
It helps when catching a big fish.                


Free Cow

Get 40 seconds or less in Malon's obstacle course
in Lon Lon Ranch.  She'll put it in your house in
the Kokiri Forest.                              


Ocarina Songs

Here is the buttons: Cr Cl Cu Cd A, C right C left C up
C down A= A button, R and Z are R and Z on the controller,
U and D are up and down on the joystick.              


         The Simpson's Theme: Cd, Cr, Cl, Cu, D-Cu, D-Cl, Cd, A, 3-Z-D-A, D-A.


Have you been wondering why the Overworld Theme wasn't in 
Zelda 64?  Well, why does it have to be in the game when you
can play it your self!                                    


Overworld Theme: Cd, D-A, 2-Cd, U-Cd, Cr, 3-D-Cu, Cu, U-Cu, 3-R-U-Cu,
U-Cu, Cu, U-Cu, Cu, 2-R-Cl, Z-Cl, R-Cl, Cu, R-Cl, Z-Cl, D-Cl, Z-Cl, 
R-Cl, Z-Cl, D-Cl, D-Cr, Cr, Cl, Cu, D-Cu, and D-A as many times as you want.



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