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Weapon Descriptions

This section will give you the low-down on the ins and outs of every weapon you'll find and use in the game. There is a wide variety of tools at your disposal, and knowing which weapon works best with which enemy will be crucial to your success in the game, so get reading, Boy Scout! As they say: "Be prepared!"

Biggoron's Sword
This massive sword is twice as powerful as the Master Sword. To get it, as an adult, Link must obtain the Pocket Egg from the Cucco Girl in Kakariko Village. Follow her instructions, and the wild chain adventure they lead you on, and eventually, Biggoron's Sword will be yours. Due to its size, Link cannot hold a shield at the same time as this sword, but its length and power will often make up for any defensive compromises.

These simple explosives are best used for gaining access to hidden areas or for blowing up the occasional boulder. Always keep a good supply on hand, however, as you'll need them to defeat certain enemies. When using these bombs, make sure to release them quickly, as they detonate very quickly. If Link is too close to the bomb when it explodes, he'll suffer damage as well. Dropped or thrown, bombs are powerful weapons to be used carefully.

The Bombchu is an ingenious invention that acts like a sort of homing mine, except that it cannot be steered once released. With this item, Link can cause explosions in areas he cannot reach with regular bombs. These can be found in the market.

Found in the gigantic Jabu-Jabu fish's belly, of all places, the Boomerang is a sigh of relief once you've found it. By the time Link locates the Boomerang, chances are the majority of his Deku Seeds will be gone - with a good measure of your patience as well - limiting your long-range capabilities. An economical weapon, the Boomerang never runs out of ammo, since it always comes back. So feel free to lock on to the nearest bad guy, and bang him again and again. The Boomerang is also indispensable for the young Link in retrieving objects that are out of reach.

Deku Nut
In Zelda's kingdom, you get what you pay for, and the Deku Nut is free. Found in ample supply throughout the kingdom (wherever bushes can be cut down or bought in shops), the Deku Nut is used to stun enemies with its bright flash when thrown. Unfortunately, this tactic doesn't work on all enemies, so it's best used when surrounded by multiple foes, giving you precious time to deal with them at a more reasonable pace.

Deku Stick
As basic a weapon as you're likely to find, the Deku Stick is surely adequate for whacking an enemy over the head, just don't expect it to last very long. Although this stick breaks easily, it can be used for other purposes, like lighting torches. This stick can be bought in Merchant Shops or collected after defeating certain enemies.

Din's Fire
Din's Fire is one of the first spells Link learns at Hyrule Castle. If he finds too many enemies getting too close for comfort - no problem! Switch on Din's Fire and blaze away! Surrounded by a ring of fire, Link can barbecue his foes as long as his magic meter holds out.

Fairy Bow
After spending the majority of his youth brandishing the Slingshot, Link eventually graduates to the Fairy Bow. A considerably more powerful weapon, the Bow is one of Link's most valuable weapons, indispensable due to its range. Over the course of the game, you'll find the Ice Arrow, Fire Arrow, and Light Arrow, each of which gives your shots various effects. The Fairy Bow is found in the Forest Temple.

Fairy Slingshot
Armed with a satchel full of Deku Seeds, Link can strike down any number of foes from long-range using the Fairy Slingshot. Basically his only long-range weapon until finding the Boomerang, Link will need the Slingshot to shoot down pesky bats, activate switches, and take care of any other out-of-reach objectives. The Slingshot is found in the Deku Tree.

Farore's Wind
Farore's Wind is actually a magic spell that Link will learn in Zora's Domain. Using this spell, Link can create a Warp Point. Once the Warp Point is created, Link can warp back to any time he chooses. He can also relocate the Warp Point to a new spot if needed. However, Link can only use Farore's Wind in certain locations.

Fire Arrow
Discovered in the regions of Lake Hylia, Link will learn the beneficial effects of the Fire Arrow. While using a small dose of Link's magic, the Fire Arrow combusts upon release and expands into a screaming ball of fire, much to the dismay of its intended target. It's useful against just about every enemy.

Possibly the most useful tool in the game, the Hookshot serves not only as a weapon, but also as a grappling-hook Link can use to hoist himself up to high perches. He can also use it to retrieve objects out of reach. The Hookshot can be upgraded to the Longshot later in the game. Link can find the Hookshot in the Water Temple.

Ice Arrow
While the Fire Arrow burns Link's enemies to a crisp, the Ice Arrow immobilizes them instead. Once trapped in a block of ice, Link can then dispose of his foes any way he sees fit. Link can pick up the Ice Arrow at Gerudo Fortress.

Kokiri Sword
Thankfully, this is one weapon that never runs out of ammo. Found in the Kokiri Forest where Link grew up, the Kokiri Sword is indispensable to the young Link who will need its sturdy steel to combat the many perils he faces as a young lad. You must find the Kokiri Sword and a shield before you can progress onto your first real challenge in the game. The sword is hidden in a little hole in a wall that leads to a secret area.

Lens of Truth
This handy little tool reveals false walls and hidden items normally undetectable by Link. This item uses small amounts of magic power, but the payoff is worth the cost of power spent. This item is found in the Kakariko Well.

Light Arrow
Revealed to Link at the Temple of Time, the Light Arrow is an awe-inspiring weapon that will cause enemies to cringe at the very sight of it. The Light Arrow uses twice as much magic as either the Fire or Ice Arrows. Consequently, the damage delivered is substantially greater as well. Best used sparingly, the Light Arrow is formidable indeed.

Magic Bean
Magic Beans can only be bought from a merchant by Zora's River. These beans must be planted by a young Link so that, seven years later, he may reach heights previously inaccessible. You can tell a good place to plant seeds when you find a barren patch of soil.

Megaton Hammer
Found in the Fire Temple, Link is first clued in to the existence of the Megaton Hammer by Darunia, leader of the Gorons. This mighty hammer can be used, not only to squash the opposition like bugs, but also to smash boulders and activate rusted-over switches.

Master Sword
The Master Sword is found in the recesses of the Temple of Time. Only the Hero of Time could pull this sword from the stone. Luckily, Link is the Hero of Time. The Master Sword is also the key to travelling forward and backward through time.

Nayru's Love
Naryu's Love is a spell Link will learn from the fairies in the haunted Wasteland. Essentially a force field, Naryu's Love protects Link from harm for a short period of time. Like most spells, it uses a sizable amount of Link's magical energy.

Not so much a weapon, but rather an integral item necessary to your success in the game, the Ocarina is the instrument (literally) that opens, activates, perpetuates, and relocates just about every crucial item, object, time, and place in the game. The first Ocarina you receive is given to you by your friend Saria. The Ocarina Saria gives you is the Fairy Ocarina. Later on in the game, Princess Zelda will entrust you with the safety of the Ocarina of Time.

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