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The kingdom of Hyrule is a big place, and, as such, there's a lot of stuff to be had, bought, found, caught and taken here. This handy reference guide will act as your mini-Farmer's Almanac and provide you with the insights and wisdom of knowing what's what and how to use it. Item knowledge is essential to any hardy traveler who would uncover all of Hyrule's secrets, so now's the time to bone up on all that info! Get crackin'!

Deku Shield
This shield is available to the young Link practically from the get-go. After a little rummaging, Link can scare up enough Rupees to buy this from the Kokiri Village merchant. While the Deku Shield is sturdy enough, it will disintegrate after shielding Link from too many fire attacks.

Empty Bottles
As Link will discover, bottles can be used for carrying all sorts of things. There are four bottles in the game, and they can be found in Kakariko Village, Lon Lon Ranch, Lake Hylia, and the Market. They can save Link's tiny butt if filled with the right stuff.

Gold Scale
While fishing at Lake Hylia, if the adult Link beats the all-time record for snaring the biggest Lunker, he will be awarded the coveted Gold Scale. This scale lets Link dive even deeper than the Silver Scale.

Golden Gauntlets
Possessed of even greater strength than the Silver Gauntlets, the Golden Gauntlets give you even more lifting power. Concealed in Ganon's Castle, it's apparent that Link must head straight into the lion's den to gain possession of these magical wonders.

Goron Bracelet
After giving Darunia, the Goron leader, a small sampling of his virtuoso skills, the big galoot in turn gives Link the Goron Bracelet. The bracelet grants Link great strength, and as a result, Link can uproot heavy bomb flowers and even some rocks.

Goron Tunic
Found seven years later in the Goron City, Link obtains the Goron tunic from Darunia's son, interestingly named Link as well. Honored to be in the original Link's presence, Darunia's son gives Link the tunic, which provides him with the protection necessary to withstand Death Mountain Crater's extreme heat. Without it, Link wouldn't last longer than a minute. Remember to equip it when you go to the Crater.

Hover Boots
Found in the Shadow Temple, the Hover Boots are fairly self-explanatory. These boots give Link considerably more hang-time than he normally experiences after a timely jump. However, there is little traction to be found with these boots, so it pays to be cautious while using them.

Hylian Shield
Available for purchase at the Bazaar in Kakariko Village, Link must buy this shield at some point. Although it's too heavy for him to wield as a child, the younger Link can still carry it on his back, providing limited protection should his Deku Shield burn up. The older Link can carry it like the younger Link carries the Deku Shield. Made of metal, the Hylian Shield is indestructible.

Iron Boots
Used in conjunction with the Zora Tunic, the Iron Boots let Link stay at the bottom of any watery area. The additional weight keeps him glued to the ocean floor, where he would normally float away. Useful in windy areas as well, Link is not capable of running with these shoes on.

Mirror Shield
Found in the Spirit Temple, the Mirror Shield is absolutely crucial to Link's success in this difficult level. Capable of reflecting sunlight, spells, and energy attacks, the Mirror Shield is integral to completing Link's objectives in this Temple.

Silver Gauntlets
These Silver Gauntlets impart a super-human strength to whomever wears them. Hidden in the Spirit Temple, these gloves will come in handy as Link attempts to complete his quest.

Silver Scale
If Link can beat the Zora's challenge, he will receive the Silver Scale - a handsome accessory that lets Link dive deeper than usual.

Zora Tunic
In the Ice Cavern, you'll soon discover that King Zora has been imprisoned in a block of Red Ice. Once you obtain the appropriate material for thawing him out, you'll be given the Zora Tunic, made entirely of fish gills. Once equipped, you can remain underwater indefinitely without drowning.


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