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Depending on where you are and when, assorted enemies will pop up (literally!), like the Skeletons at night and the Wolfos by Sacred Forest Meadow. Navi will usually have advice on how to defeat these enemies, so it's important that you take heed when it yells out "Hey!" This is a list of the more persistent enemies you'll face in the game, including bosses. Keep in mind that every enemy (except bosses) regenerates, so if you kill a monster and leave the room, when you come back, it will be there again. This can be useful if you need hearts or other supplies a creature often leaves behind. As long as you know how to deal with each individual creature you should have no problems.

The plain ol' black kind or the kind that ignites in flames, either way, do yourself a favor, lock-on and pick 'em off with your Slingshot or Hookshot. In a pinch, you can always slap 'em away with your sword.

Deku Scrubs
These little twerps can be a pain, mostly due to their surprise attack; they shoot you with a Deku Nut. Lock-on to these punks, lower your shield, and reflect their attacks back at them to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Deku Baba
These big tulips are straight out of "A Little Shop of Horrors." Be careful around these buggers, since they snap hard and fast. One good shot will stun one though, and while immobilized, you can sweep in for the kill. The usually leave behind Deku Nuts or Deku Sticks.

Gohma (Boss)
This sticky beast will cling to the ceiling, seemingly out of range. If you act fast, lock-on to this freak and zap it in the eye with your Slingshot. Once it drops to the ground, slash it in its red eye. Repeat this pattern a few times, and Gohma will be a goner. If it manages to spit out a few Gohma Eggs, simply hack away at them and repeat the process again.

These spidery/crabby monsters are found on the Death Mountain trail. You must slash at them while they're jumping in mid-air. Depending on your age and sword, a couple of good hits should do each one in.

Deku Nuts will come in handy with these cold-blooded beasts. Stun them, and then hack them. If you're really good, you'll lock on to these guys and alternately block their hits with your shield and then swat them with your sword after their strike. Do yourself a favor and let these guys come to you. It takes a little patience, but these guys aren't too difficult.


Some of these cranky looking statues must be pushed and pulled to progress in the game. Others just don't like that kind of treatment and will often attack if you get too close. Get out of their way when they're attacking and go crack them over the head when they stop moving. Use Deku Nuts to accelerate this process if you're in a hurry.

King Dodongo (Boss)
This cocky lizard is a firefighter's nightmare with all the fire breathing he does. Fortunately, this boss's pattern is easy to figure out. When he opens his mouth, throw a bomb in his gullet. After it explodes, he cries out (in lizard-tongue) for an Alka-Seltzer. While he's whining, go up and smack him on the nose with your sword. He gets up and then curls up into a ball in an attempt to run you over. Simply move to the inner ring of the lava pool (without touching the lava) and avoid his charge. After he crashes, he'll turn around and try the fire-breathing thing again. Repeat until he's cooked.

They look familiar, but that doesn't mean they're good to look at. Treat these eight-armed armored punks like a Deku Scrub. Use your shield to reflect their attacks back at them. One shot will do for these weaklings.

These nasty little jellyfish move about as slow as maple syrup - thankfully. Avoid slashing them with your sword, since you'll receive a violent shock if you do. The Boomerang cuts 'em up real good, but the Slingshot must do until you find the Boomerang.

Barinade (Boss)
You'll need the Boomerang to tackle this gross collection of pulsating pods. Whack the core with your locked-on Boomerang, and when it starts sending out its feelers, slash away at these offending tentacles. Keep moving to dodge Barinade's electricity attacks. Once you've cut away at the tentacles, rush in to beat up on Bari's brain. Repeat until the migraine is too much for the monstrosity. You'll know you're done when it starts to explode.

Seven years into the future, and it gets all zombified, huh? Get too close to one, and you'll become a still-life for a few precious seconds. Often, its enough time for these zombie monkeys to jump on your head and get a few bites in before you can shake them off. If you must engage in hand-to-hand combat with these creatures, hack away as quickly as possible and get it over with fast. Playing the Sun's Song will freeze these guys, letting you pummel them or simply run away. ReDeads will, more often than not, drop magic when they are killed.

Even if you lock on to these pesky ghosts, you can't hit them if they turn invisible. Wait until they reappear and give 'em the business end of your sword! Use your shield to block their attacks when necessary. You can collect their essence after their defeat and sell them if you wish.

These porcine goblins can be a lethal pain in the butt. Swordplay will get you nowhere fast with these porkers. Arrows and a carefully aimed Hookshot will do these fellas right, just make sure to stay out of range. Get hit by these guys, and you'll lose a full heart of health.

First found in the Forest Temple, these skeletal jerks are unaffected by Deku Nuts or Din's Fire. Keep your shield ready and put these clowns to rest with a good old-fashioned sword swipin'.

Phantom Ganon (Boss)
A fairly challenging boss, defeating Phantom Ganon requires good timing and fast reflexes. Put yourself in a corner (if you can call it a corner) close to the gate you came in. Two Phantoms appear to ride out of the framed pictures, but only one will actually come out. You must shoot it with an arrow four or five times. After you've shot him off his horse, he'll float in the air and shoot electric balls at you. Swat them back at him, volleyball-style, with your sword, until he gets hit. Be careful, because he'll swat your swats back and forth. After he drops to the ground, rush in and spank him with your steel. Repeat this until he disintegrates in a poltergeist poof!

Fire Bubble
These fiery, flying skulls can be a real nuisance! Block them with your shield to extinguish their flames and then knock them out with your sword. Or, if you've got the ammo to spare, take 'em out with your bow.

Volvagia (Boss)
This serpentine sissy will peek its head out of any one of the numerous holes found in the platform it calls its home. Take the Megaton Hammer and knock him right on the head. Volvagia will then get ticked off and rise up to the ceiling, causing all kinds of rocks to fall to the ground. Watching for shadows and avoiding these pebbles shouldn't be a problem. When he's finished, he'll glide down and pull the same routine. Play whack-a-Volvagia with him until he learns his lesson.


Morpha (Boss)
This gelatinous jerk is easy fodder for Link's Longshot. Avoiding the tentacles it constructed from the water it came from, Link must merely harpoon the center of its core, drag it out, and hack it to bits. As is often the case with bosses like this, you must repeat until you're done. Make sure to avoid the arms, or you'll get tossed around like a birdie in a badminton game.

Bongo Bongo (Boss)
This percussive punk's strength is also its weakness. When the giant drummer starts to do his Ricky Ricardo on the ground, shoot his hands with a couple arrows. Once his paws are frozen, use the Lens of Truth to see where his eye is. Shoot the eye, and his body will be stunned. Move in and beat up the body, Excalibur-style, and do what you do best.

Another floral freak, this cactus has nothing but bad news written all over it. Deal with this guy however you want, just do your best to stay away from it.

Iron Knuckle
This wanna-be mime tries to fool you by sitting still until you wander too close. Show him who's smarter by whacking him once to get him going, then move around to his unprotected back and give it to him. While using the pillars for shelter, Link can grab hearts as Iron Knuckle cuts them down, piece by piece.

Twinrova (Boss)
Twin elemental siblings, Koume and Kotake use the powers of fire and ice. Using the Mirror Shield, reflect the fire sister's power at the ice sister, and vice versa. Once they've had enough of that, they merge into a single form. Then, they launch a single attack at Link. Once you've absorbed three of the same type of attacks into the shield, it begins to discharge the power all over Twinrova. Once they're prostrate, quickly move in and give them a good talking to with your sword. After four more of these "treatments," the sisters fold under the pressure and disappear for good.

Ganondorf/Ganon (Boss)
In your first confrontation with this big jerk, use the same tactics you used when you fought Phantom Ganon. Basically, it'll be like John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors volleying back and forth. Swat, swat, swat! Smack his shots back at him and you'll eventually feed him a forehand that he won't be able to block. While he's suspended in the air, stunned, it's the perfect time to feed him a Light Arrow. Next, lock on to Ganondorf and snag him with your Longshot. When you pull him "Doublemint" close, give him a taste of your Master Sword. Bad dog! Hack away as much as you can until the red-head starts to get up. Repeat until cooked. You'll know when you've whipped his butt good, because the game will switch to a different perspective and you'll get to watch Ganondorf freak out! As he begins to revive himself, Longshot over to the stained glass or simply jump back across the gap. As the tower begins to rock 'n' roll, follow the newly liberated Zelda out of the castle. Look out for additional nasties, which are trying to get their last at-bats. You've got 3 minutes to get out of the castle and it may take a few tries to successfully do it.

Outside, you'll witness the transformation of Ganondorf into Ganon. At this point, prepare yourself for the loss of your Master Sword. Surrounded by a wall of fire, you must lock on to his tail and maneuver your way around to his backside. The easiest way to do this is to shoot him in the face with Light Arrows, which will blind him temporarily. Give his tail a whack with your Megaton Hammer. After a few hammer hits, the wall of fire will dissipate, giving you the perfect opportunity to go get your sword back. Look out for Ganon's wild lunges and whatnot as this wretched creature goes berserk trying to finish you off. He becomes much faster now, so you must put a Light Arrow in his head, stunning him, then give some chop-chop to his tail, and the big sissy will go down in no time.

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